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Merrily, Your talk on health and alkalinity was a HUGE hit today at our corporation! I have a number of my staff thanking me for your great presentation! You are soooo good. I can’t wait until I get my bodywork session with you. Thanks a million. 

            ~ Marin B. CEO, CA


Hi Merrily, I'm still basking in the "zone"! What amazing gifts you have and so generously and lovingly shared with others during your talk yesterday. I learned so much and am spreading the good news to let people know how the information you shared can help them, especially about alkalinity and health which I found really interesting.  

~ Rita R., Health Educator, Gig Harbor, WA.


Hi Merrily, It was so much fun to meet you and be with you during our session together. You are really a kick (a natural comedienne). You should do short informative comedy videos for your audience. Also, thanks for the short course on the other-worldly big-picture implications. I'm still trying to absorb the ramifications for us on planet Earth!  

~ Vicki Cooper, Communications/Media expert for corporations and academic institutes Mill Valley, CA.

Merrily, ‘At times our own light goes out and is rekindled by a spark from another person. We think with deep gratitude of those who have lighted the flame within.’

​The warm glow of your generosity and 2 ½ hour presentation/practicum for our 60 nurses and doctors this year at St. Mary’s Hospital shines brighter than you will ever know. We sincerely appreciate the amazing energy and cutting-edge 

research you bring to all you do! On behalf of the Nursing Organization, thank you for your presence and insights at the Nurses Day Forum as a keynote speaker again.

~ Anne Riley, R.N. Chair, Nursing Professional Development Council, S.F., CA.



My husband and I both really loved you, Merrily - both as a Bodyworker and as a speaker.  I was so engrossed in all you had to say during your 3 ½ -hour talk on 15 topics of interest. It was so clever of you to let your audience vote ahead of time on subject options that we wanted answers to out of the 30 major questions & subjects you provided. Didn’t most of us vote for all of them? They all seemed so interesting and useful.  Bill also wanted to let you know that after his bodywork session with you yesterday, his back now feels really good - for the first time since a year ago when he "tweaked" it!  This is after numerous chiropractic visits to four different chiropractors. Please let us know when you are coming up to Washington to teach some more. I would like to hear you speak again and have some more “fun.”

~ Thanks, Lois S. Gig Harbor, WA. 



Thank you for the very fun, and relaxing talk you gave for us nurses and health practitioners. I found the practical 1-3 minute self-care advice you offered very useful. I am purchasing some essential oils I tried from your generous samples; very helpful for our busy job. Hope to hear you speak again.

~ Thanks, Debra N., RN, S.F., CA



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