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Enjoy a 35 minute

Quantum Biofield Meditation for Optimal Healing & Accelerated Ascension

led by Prime Source Creator

thru Ileana Star Traveler

EP 41 - Discover Off-World Urmah Feline Parents via 20min. Accurate Movie,

with Jason Cooper & Ileana, Part 1


For your best experience, you'll want to Watch this show on YouTube. 


WATCH the Best 24-minute movie on your Off-World Urmah Feline Parents by visionary graphic artist and researcher Jason Cooper.

This show includes Researcher, Psychic, and Remote Viewer Ileana, The Star Traveler, who synchronistically just published her best-selling book, 'Disclosure about the Urmah Feline Race, Avyon, Atlantis, Elohim, Creation Beings, Tibet'


The Urmah Felines are literally YOUR Founder Parents who genetically created the Human Race for this amazing 'Earth Experiment' and are Cosmic & Wise Protectors.

EP 40 - Surprise! Why Human Bodies

Were Created? Why do we need Ascension? w/Feline Guardian, Kristy Martindale


Welcome back from EP 39, where this is a seamless continuation. Please watch EP 39 first! This show is one of the most important sharings in my entire Cosmic Brilliance series.


Our Feline Christos Guardian, Kristy Martindale is back again, as we share in a collaborative and interactive style. I have compiled and synthesized very important and “freeing” information from one of my favorite guardian historians, Lisa Renee, and from reincarnated Feline Jelaila Starr. We supply you with long-awaited answers to have key understandings of why you are really here and how important you are!


So many important details are covered in this show regarding the Fall & Fragmentation of Man, Why the beginning of Polarity started, Why Ascension was created, and What the single most coveted prize and underlying purpose for 90 % of the wars on Earth? We end with the surprising Positive Key Reason you are Here Now in Human Bodies – not to be missed!l.

EP 39 - Meet Christos Creator

Guardian of Feline Founder Race

who Created Humans, Fall of Man

& more with Kristy Martindale


Welcome to this Interactive, collaborative show with Feline Guardian ‘Christos’ Warrior, Kristy Martindale. Kristy has full memory of herself before this life while being in the Hall of Records above Earth, waiting to incarnate again on earth.


She shares details of how one literally incarnates into earth and what literally happened to all our souls when 3 major higher D Stargates were attacked and destroyed - contributing to the splintering and fragmentation of the ‘Fall of Man’ from 5D & higher dimensions down to 3 D.


Kristy will be here to add and/or subtract what I consider some of the most essential points you need to know to understand Who truly created you as the Human Race, and Why you forgot.


You will be introduced to the 2 (3) Founder Races who were successful in a previous universal game and were invited here to start and assist with this one. I have condensed multiple pages of Guardian Historian, Lisa Renee’s brilliant work and some of Feline soul, Jelaila Starr’s writings as well.

EP38 - False Light & Love,

False Self-Serving Ego

~ Meet Satyr Pan &

Shapeshifting to Dragon - Part 2

Dragon/Fae Super Soldier, Apollymi


This episode is an IMMEDIATE continuation of Ep 37, so please watch that first!


Apollymi summarizes previous episode topics and gives examples and recommendations for being self-aware (especially for empaths) of what “Love & Light" is and what it's not, and what a self-serving dark ego is and what it's not. She clarifies the importance of sustaining neutrality and balancing emotions and logic with purification — all requirements for your soul evolution ascension. Fun stories are included about meeting the Satyr Pan, and what it’s like when she shapeshifts into a dragon. Check topics below & Enjoy!

EP37 - NEUTRALITY, Purification, & Balancing Emotions = GOALS for SOUL ASCENSION

& Learn How Humans are ‘Antibodies'

for Creation!

Dragon/Fae Super Soldier, Apollymi


Apollymi Mandylion is here to offer new perspectives on several of the most challenging lessons that humans learn they may not understand or think are ‘unfair.’  A deeper understanding of ‘Neutrality’ and clarity about 'Purity' and 'Purification' are requirements for Soul Ascension in this Experimental Earth game.


Also, a very important metaphor for our purpose as humans is beautifully explained illuminating that: 



Apollymi also gives tips for balancing our Logic and Emotions. Towards the end of this show, you will learn Earth’s Rules for this present (5th Era of Man) game that are UNIQUE and VERY IMPORTANT to understand to gain greater wisdom and ELIMINATE CONFUSION!

(Part One of Two from a 3 hour inerview.)

EP36 - Soul Assimilation Back to Source, Draconian & Draco Earth Arrival History

by Dragon/Fae Super Soldier,

Apollymi Mandylion


Note: If you haven't already, please watch EP 35 before watching EP 36. This episode is a continuation!


First Time Revealing: I have never heard a first-hand description from someone whose soul was assimilated back to Source, and then later pulled out. You will also hear additional true facts of how our Universe was created, not just a Big Bang.


There has been much controversy and theorizing about how the Draconians arrived here, and Apollymi clears up the facts in detail about the Draconians and Dracos, who initiated the 1st Huge Galactic War close to the beginning of Creation that is just finishing now … Good News!


Note: At 18 minutes, it is useful to watch Apollymi’s explanation because she is describing shapes and movement with her hands that you will not see on a podcast.

May 2023 ~ New Series!

Egyptian Mirror ~
Ancestral Healing in Multiple Realms

Enjoy Merrily's copyrighted 8-part mini-series that doesn’t just reveal one Cosmically Brilliant person, but an entire family!  You will be given profound, gentle guidance by Elsa - offering concepts and practical steps for you and your family.

Part 8 - Pharaoh Akhenaten, Nefertiti, and 8 Children All Incarnate Again with Similar Physiognomy & Talents!

with Elsa Dillon

Welcome to Part 8, the final episode of this series with guest Elsa Dillon, the reincarnated aspect of Nefertiti, married to Richard, the reincarnated aspect of Pharaoh Akhenaten, and the same eight children. We provide photos of each family member’s unique body and facial features that are similar to the unique physiognomy traits that they had in the Egyptian Royal family. I also share a related pivotal book written by reincarnated John Adams, 2nd president of the U.S., who is in this life Walter Semkiw, Medical Director, Physician, and trained in Psychiatry who has a fascinating website on reincarnation. His book, “Return of the Revolutionaries,” gives credence to the veracity of souls incarnating who choose to keep their same general facial features, hair or beard style preferences for their current lifetime here on Earth again. It reveals 50 current photos of people (famous and not) and their similar past life photos. I hope you enjoyed this series where you learn about communicating between two realms and that we can change our "past" in the Present Now! Universal Physics will prove this...

Part 7 - Elsa Reveals How as Incarnated Nefertiti Today -Thwarts Assassins in Pharaoh & Nef's 'Past' Life

Welcome to Part 7, an informal, interactive conversation with Elsa Dillon as she sweetly reveals her innocent naivete and the ongoing experiences over years that confirmed for her that she and her husband Richard are indeed (drumroll please ...) reincarnated aspects of the Egyptian Pharaohs Akhenaten & Nefertiti, along with the SAME 8 children. Towards the end, Elsa, as a soul aspect of Nefertiti, shares an amazing and enlightening story about how she merged realms to communicate with what we call her “past” soul aspect - Nefertiti and Pharaoh husband in ancient Egypt … not to be missed!.

Part 6 - Stop Pain! Pilot Your Brain

as a Tool for You Have the Hospital In You! Make Your Own Med Bed/Pod at Home

 with Elsa Dillon

Welcome back to Part 6 where Elsa will guide you through fun and simple ways to Awaken to greater Health & Awareness. You will learn how to Pilot your Brain as a Tool, especially when in physical pain. Elsa and her 10-member family all joyfully and successfully learned to maximize their health & healing while recovering Naturally from broken backs, broken wrists, car accidents, etc.


So much is being recently talked about Holographic Medical Pods - but I believe roll out will be a while still. So - how about instead of waiting for roll-outs of Med Pods, we get creative and learn how to take the first Baby-Steps that are doable = Simple Steps towards making your own Med Bed/Pod in your bedrooms at home. This assuredly leads to better health, peace, and quality of sleep, & also energetically improves relationships.


IMPORTANT PHYSIC-LY! You're introduced to ‘Spinning’, and no, it is not done on a bicycle. Listen to the wisdom of Elsa’s easy-to-incorporate Health Solutions for both your body & soul that have been tried successfully by her family. Each member radiates and glows with health and exemplifies the steps necessary that are successful for our Ascension with our Body Avatars, for those of you that wish that.

Part 5 - Creating Health, Ease & Grace in Your Space to Purify Body for Ascension, with Elsa Dillon

Welcome back ... Parts 5 in this copyrighted miniseries with Elsa Dillon shares extremely practical, simple, and literally life-saving suggestions that many of you have been waiting for and have asked about concerning the specifics of what your body and your spirit need to integrate successfully for this current Ascension/ Awakening/Raising Frequency opportunity you have NOW. I would advise WATCHING this video show, rather than just audio podcast - so you can see & note the enclosed pictures.

A gift for all ages ….

Part 4 - Menagerie of Multi-Realm Beings with Paintings of the Unique Beings Visiting 10-Member Dillon Family, with Elsa Dillon & drawings by GiGi Dillon 


[This show may be best seen on YouTube due to the wonderful artwork.]


THESE BEINGS VISIT & CONVERSE WITH THIS HIGH-VIBRATIONAL 10-MEMBER DILLON FAMILY. THANK YOU FOR YOUR INTEREST & DEDICATION TOWARDS EXPANSION for YOU & YOUR CHILDREN. ~ Enjoy! Topics: ETs & Multi-Realm Beings Painted & Discussed Characteristics: • USHA: Among 1st Beings in All Creation • HEUS: Taught Elsa to heal all atoms & use brain as a tool • Photos of Elsa’s broken • ETRITUS: Water Being- one of 1st on this world • MIRA: SET-A Being = (Whales) 1 of 1st Beings on planet -Being & Oversoul are One • True Heart is super organ, Spleen “Gut feeling” connection • KHA: Angelic who says, “ET foreigners will arrive”… Water used to ignite Pyramids • ASHKENA: 12th D Royalty Bloodline – Helped create Nebula – • ET encounters with 2 humanoids & Pocahontas’ Being that phase shifted outside • These Beings want to hear both Elsa & Richard’s voice and then they move on • Family is committed to help heal Ley Lines & land clearings for Gaia • XIUX Being that worships daughter, Ginger. Both are Electrical & Magnetic Being • Rainbow holds water codes & XIUX Reverses harmful spin cycles • GOLDEN GROUP: 2/2021 – 15 species working together for a common positive goal. The Dillons were protected from them when sound weapons were emitted from 30 military crafts & one hovered around. The devastating storm hit, but a circle around their 200-acre ranch was completely protected. Trees everywhere else were sliced at the top all at the same height from a weapon. Their house was the only one that had power & all horses were safe. … We felt golden protection around them. • YOWIE: (Sasquatch) Different subspecies. Was directed to Yowie Energy by ASHKENA & also The Giants energy. Indigenous considers them sacred. We saw their footprints just as we were leaving our old farm….left little girls' marbles. They can phase shift and go invisible when they want. • SIRENS: Her little girls swim with both salt-water & fresh-water sirens & ask us for water clearings at sacred sites and give us crystal, geodes, opals, gold as presents. The oldest daughter -Gemma saw sirens 3D. They tell the little girls where to swim for the presents. Genie, the youngest one always gets the biggest one. • VOLA, POLYMORPH DOLPHINS also come play with them • Experience of them going thru portal to husband Richard • ZYGO: Organic & Bio-metatronic body parts, FAE-like from Mesozonic (Dragon) Era. They have 360-degree vision & are super-fast flyers. They fly by steering their neurons in any direction at any moment. Independent species & watch us. We show you a fossil of one! Elsa shares how they assist us … • FAE/FAIRY BEINGS – 8 paintings & one actual photo - Enjoy!

EP35 - Musk Receives ET Crystal Tech

in 5 Branch Timelines,

2 Original Universe Goals, & MORE!

with Dragon/Fae Super Soldier,

Apollymi Mandylion


This episode is to gain more clarity from Apollymi’s specific and vast wisdom, some of it surprising.his episode is the first half of a long show covering fascinating scientific facts that pertain to everyone if you want higher knowledge. More explanations about what she is writing for humanity will be covered in Apollymi’s Manuals.


We are working on Manual 1 now and appreciate donations! Enjoy hearing how Apollymi (Apolys) met Elon Musk in 5 different parallel timelines when he was emperor of Mars and helping truth disclosure. She gave him the gift of ET Crystal Technology to advance humanity’s progress.

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EP34 - Shocking: 'Source Has No Control Over' What Happens? 4 Levels of Earth Consciousness, Wipe or What?

with Dragon/Fae Super Soldier,

Apollymi Mandylion

This is an immediate continuation of Ep 33 so please listen to Episode 33 first!

This episode is to gain more clarity from Apollymi’s specific and vast wisdom, some of it surprising.


• The high-level Arbor Council – Apollymi was asked to join – did she accept?

• Consequences of Breaking Council Rules = strictest punishment

• Have Creators ever failed & if they do - what happens? • Apollymi’s percentage & reasons that we’ve failed so far in this experiment & what advice she has!

• Difference between “Timeline Divergence” & “Total Shutdown”

• Apollymi lived 2020 three times & what happened • What is ‘Universe Zero’?

• Timelines, Codes, & ‘World Generators’

• What do World Generators do and why are they important in creation?

• 4 Levels of Consciousness Players on Earth • Non-Soul Beings & Sprites in this game

• Councils make the decisions of ‘wipe’ or ‘soft resets’… & where do people go?

• WHY are Arks=“Gardens of Eden” built by the “Seeders” now activating all over the world

• Definition of ‘Zero Point Creation’ (invisible building blocks that humans do not see) …and more…

Ep 33 - Heaven is Repairing, After-Life Choices, ‘Soul Wells’ & Who’s in Charge Here?

with Dragon/Fae Super Soldier,

Apollymi Mandylion

I feel this is one of the most important clarifying shows ever, with a high need-to-know for your soul’s clarity in making choices.


My shows are fun educational classes with a lot of information not taught in schools, so I divided this interview into two shows for your ease. Watch for Episode 34 coming soon.

Ep 32 - Getting in Touch with

Your Past Life-Time Soul Fractals/Aspects ~with Ileana, The Star Traveler

This was scheduled as a paid Personal & Private 1-on-1 reading with psychic and channeler Ileana, The Star Traveler to discover and explore more details about two higher celestial creator aspects/fractals of myself, Healer Ninara & Warrior Emirus. This exemplifies that you would be able to contact Higher Aspects of yourself, as well.


Five minutes into our session, I intuited this personal reading could be an opportunity to share with all of you the answers I would receive from these 2 Higher Aspects. We discuss the Golden Pillar Healing & Protection that empowers you for your own health, acceleration, and more ... After all, not all our lifetimes are just “digging potatoes,” as Dolores Cannon would say. Many of you have “past” and “future” lives across ‘time’ and space as creator or co-creator beings and have just forgotten.


Frankly, I had to sincerely consider if sharing this confidential, personal reading could be useful or be taken as egocentric sharing. I can only hope that you feel inspired and empowered by their knowledge, and may utilize their answers, recommended mantras, and healings in whatever way that best serves you.

Ep 31 -  Guardians of the Crystals,

Historical & Romantic Trilogy,

by KD Martel with Ileana-Star Traveler

Karen Martel is a writer and artist residing in Québec, Canada. She has published several online short stories & novels, as well as the trilogy that we will be discussing today titled: ‘Guardians of the Crystals' – Science Fiction Fantasy Adventure. It takes place 11,000 years ago on Earth. In addition, Karen is a mother, High Intuitive, Ceramic Artist & works full-time in the energy industry. This is her first public show.


My 2nd guest, Ileana, The Star Traveler, is a psychic, crystal healer, author, & researcher who recalls several lifetimes during the Atlantis era. I invited Ileana here today because she was the one who recommended that I check Karen out and told me that the history & crystal technology Karen wrote about in her trilogy is very accurate!


You get to experience Ileana’s psychic sensing in real time giving further collaboration to Karen’s experiences that resonated 100%. Karen even got “truth chills.” They had never met or talked before, so this audience gets to witness a beautiful example of spontaneous teamwork & psychic collaboration.


While reading Karen’s 3 entertaining books, I learned more details about crystalline tech, as well as Atlantis environments & culture. She weaves exciting non-stop adventures, sprinkled with spiritual sexual romance that her female protagonist Deanu - The Crystal Guardian, goes through with her 3 Soulmate/Twin Flame lovers. *Note: Karen’s romantic & historical books are not risqué; written for all ages.


& Accelerated Ascension

~ with Ileana - The Star Traveler


(Thank you Co-Creators who held the Light!)


On 6/18/2023 our entire Universe was upgraded from 1.5 to 2.5 frequency! This has a huge positive impact on all living beings & humanity. The proof is offered by advanced geometrical Schumann Resonance calculations that continue to expand and unfold in a coherent and steady manner.


This episode offers beautiful, colorful proof of our expansion. So much so, you may begin to actually see how a Universe expands. As if that wasn’t enough, we share Source Creator's answers to 25 key questions which will prepare you for your Empowering Self-Healing Journey. Calling all Co-Creators! Don’t wait for the Medical Pod rollout to get healthier.


Empower yourself. Open & allow healing through a beautiful high vibrational Golden Ray Light & High Frequency of Prime Source Creator, offering you a beautiful & serene Quantum Biofield Technique. This is a free gift to all of you that has been a dream of mine for a long time!

SHARE ~ because Universal Good News Benefits Everyone!

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+ MORE! with Ileana, The Star Traveler


Special guest, Prime Source Creator of the Multiverses, has offered to be channeled through Ileana, The Star Traveler, to answer my questions about ITSELF and the Actual Step-by-Step Process of ‘Light Body Ascension’.


Many of us are choosing to do Ascension in this lifetime. Included is abbreviated yet accurate version of Hidden History & the Missions of Avatars; Pharoah Akhenaton, Nefertiti & Jesus.

I believe these questions to Source Creator have never been asked before or answered publicly - a truly Unique Opportunity. This may be one of our most relevant shows since these current years are humanity’s most available & supportive opportunity for personal & collective Ascension. This means you can transition out of this “Earth's Experimental Game” and return to Soul Freedom without being ‘Light-Trapped’ when you "cross over" and forced to incarnate with no memory over and over again. I give full credit to Guardian Historian, Lisa Renee. Her two-volume series, “The Voyagers" - especially Volume 2. I have synthesized some of her historical work for my questions. Please share this show far and wide with friends, workers, and family. May this information empower & guide you to integrate your soul’s fractal aspects, and thus be liberated and free from this “Experimental Earth Game” - if you so desire.



Creation of Souls, & more!

Dragon/Fae Super Soldier, Apollymi Mandylion

This is the last exciting show in our copyrighted mini-series published for you all. There are over 100 points covered in this show (see below) from Apollymi’s personal experiences & insights. This includes Seed Planets, Ascension Trails, Co-Creator Training, Planetary Souls, Smart Suits, 3 Matrix Functions, The Veil, Earth, the most extreme Seed Planet, 7 Tiers/Levels of Consciousness to go through this Ascension game, 1 major thing makes Matrix fall faster, silver spiral & true Physics of Universe, recreational substances that affect your Ascension opportunity, Who makes the decision for your Ascension, & why Eras of Man ‘Resets’ & Ego are tied to your Oversoul resulting in the ultimate challenge: “Can these guys reach Ascension by being deaf, dumb, & blind?”


Apollymi also covers the never-before-revealed truth of Why our powers were stripped on Earth, Who found this Universe & How It started, Why the transfer from 4th to 5th Era of Man, the Consciousness Creation of Souls, How Sub-Creators start to create, Prime Source Creator’s uniqueness, Fae Wars, Magic, 2 contracts Yeshua/Jesus signed & a surprise ending regarding Apollymi/Brigid & Yeshua/Jesus!

Ep 27 - Roundtable: Super Galactic Humans share: Mary Beaver, Apollymi & Ileana ~

Do U Have MetaGodGene? Angel Lineage?

Decoded Secrets Reveal …

Enjoy our Roundtable with 3 powerful, yet gracious Secret Space Program & Super Soldiers - Mary Beaver, Apollymi Mandylion & Ileana Star Traveler.


My special guest, Mary is from one of the most powerful Prime Archangel Bloodlines and Phoenician lineage dating back 75,000 years. She is only 1 of 8 people in the world that can Decode the ancient Phoenician language and share secrets contained in them and other texts.


Learn about different Angelic lineages and how Humanity was created with a Noid Gene and what that is! Discover if you have the much-coveted God Metagene and more.

Part 3 - 1st TIME UNVEILING 10-Member Family PICS & Messages-ET/Interdimensional Beings, with Elsa  & Gigi Dillon

We are welcoming back Elsa, a professional photographer & mother of 8 amazing children with super abilities whom you’ve met in Parts 1 & 2.


Later in this show, we will bring one of her daughters, GiGi on the screen to share 15 of her drawings of Unique Multidimensional Beings for the FIRST TIME! The girls have drawn over 300 Extraterrestrial and Multidimensional Beings that have been visiting their family daily. Mother - daughter tag team will be sharing these unique paintings of these Beings with you for the first time! You will want to see these paintings.

[Please note this podcast would be better viewed on YouTube]

Topics: • Off-World visitations are day-to-day normal for family • Time to speak now because the world has changed • 8 children are homeschooled – describe their daily life • Hypnosis revealed their contact goes back to conception & Mission • 2017 Craft Experience: Elsa went for “10 & back” • Returned as a full activator for all 8 children to become fully awake • Richard, husband - is stable, holds ground, and doesn’t get ruffled • Beings come thru & want to be presented in a normal, playful way for New Seed children • Past 2 decades - children connect with all living beings in nature • Elsa felt compelled to start documenting her experiences • Beings & Cosmos wants you to Acknowledge Big Picture & Release Fear • Kids swim with sharks: Important practice is EYE CONTACT w/ humans & animals • Eye contact provides a lot of subconscious downloads • Oversoul=Higher Self= Inner Child= Innocence • Ascension is the goal • 2020: realized it’s time to share multi-galactic & multi-realm Beings • Dillon Family demonstrates you can do it all & live consciously as well • Working thru life flexibly & willing to change made parenting & marriage easier • Aunt Dawn made Elsa read “The Hobbit” & nurtured magical thinking & Fae • Aunt took her to indigenous & Celtic sacred sites in short outings & taught her • 2-3 yrs. old, she had a dragon friend who talked with her & protector • Lesson: Close off ‘The Rules’ and what others have told you &think of you • Fear is taught. Our younger girls do NOT have fear. They untaught us … • GiGi: multi-talented, shares her experiences: astral travel, clairvoyance, sleep-walking • ‘Labeled kids’ are attracted & souls want to touch GiGi’s tummy • People come to their ranch and feel better • Beings she draws telepathizes & brings through Light Codes, songs, colors, memories • Stars outside talk with GiGi & faces in rocks, elementals Pictures of 1st Beings: • Andromedans – 3 groups • Navia w/ Light Language (Avians) Mantis • Animals see energy before humans • Timeline Lt. Language of History • Old Time Program is complete – Now No Time & New Time

Part 2 - 8 Children’s Superpowers & Abilities

- All in One Family -

Here to Show Others Not To Be Afraid

with Elsa Dillon

We continue in Part 2 introducing you to the Dillon family's 8 children. Elsa & Richard discovered that they had 8 children-soul agreements to incarnate again as one family with the same 8 soul aspects they had from (what most call) 'the past' but is actually simultaneous or parallel.


With home-schooling, no toys except those they made, healthy homegrown food, learning skills like cooking at a young age, creative play, and minimum "programming", these old-soul children were able to activate their memories at a young age to remember who they were and are and why they're here.


In addition, what's astounding is that they all were able to discover and validate who their Oversoul's are, the unique gifts & personalities from each Oversoul, and which child has the oldest Oversoul. HA! How cool is that?

Part 1 - Meet Australian 10-Member Family

All with Superpowers & Learn About Their Awakening Experiences

with Elsa Dillon

You are about to be introduced to a spiritually advanced gracious & wise being, Elsa Dillon, from Australia - who along with her equally advanced husband and 8 children - have all incarnated together for their 2nd incarnation on ‘Gaia’ (soul name for Earth). Their life in ancient Egypt as a soul family - you will indeed recognize them once their names are revealed later.


Why did the entire soul family agree to return here together? Perhaps to help awaken and guide those of us that have the eyes to see, the ears to hear, the willingness mentally to expand, and the knowing heart to resonate to the truth of our Divine Being.


In this series, you will be given profound, gentle guidance by Elsa - offering concepts and practical steps for you and your family. If they can do it and have all 10 family members fully awake, you know it is possible. Elsa inspires you & yours to loosen the programming of your mind and conditioning. Instead of trying to figure it out with your mind, ‘grok’ it with your soul. For those that set the intent and learn that reality is “frequencies”, you can seize your opportunity at this rare pivotal moment in history and choose to Ascend along with your physical form.


Elsa and her family are dedicated to assisting Gaia’s 5th Density Ascension and to help navigate us through this time of Revelation, Truth Disclosure & our Ascension into Galactic and Universal Humans...thus co-creating the more evolved world we hold in our expanded vision & dreams.

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Ep 26 - 'Exploring 'City of Gold': Why '3 Wise Men' brought Jesus 'Living Gold' ~ Gold Non-Tech Med Beds & Earth's 'Living Water Library' in Atlantis with Super Soldier Rainetta Jones, Part 2


*Please note that my style here with Rainetta in this show is very interactive. You will get a glimpse of how I work in a 1-on-1 Intuitive session with spontaneous insights. We both had fun sharing back-and-forth --- adding intuitive 'takes' on what she had experienced.


Rainetta, along with fellow Super Soldier James, share inspiring & uplifting detailed visits to El Dorado, the famed 'City of Gold', and their meeting King Oban. She includes seeing the Healing Room that contains 3-step healing stations starting with a scan by the Med Bed/Tables made of 'Living Gold' for complete regeneration, no disease, and agelessness. She also gives a Truth from King Oban of El Dorado about who and why the 3 'wise men' visited Jesus at his birth.


Rainetta also shares her extraordinary visits under New York, through portals to Atlantis in the Atlantic Ocean, guarded by one of the oldest Matrilineal Deities, ISIS. Her extraordinary experience of becoming one with the 'Living Water' that held the 'Living Library' containing all the true history since the very beginning of Earth is not to be missed!


(Apollymi, another super soldier guest, also verified the relevance of Gold when she said: "In Yahweh's heaven, the water is the color of gold ... and there is much necessity for understanding the power of the 'Golden Spiral' & 'Silver Spiral' as well ...")

Ep 25 - Visits to El Dorado to see 'Fountain of Youth' & 'Living Gold' - Amazing Regenerative Qualities! with Super Soldier Rainetta Jones,

Part 1

Welcome to Cosmic Brilliance for an exciting show. You’ll discover the Regenerative Powers of ‘Living’ Gold & what was given at the birth of Jesus to Activate his Full Memory & Capacity as a 'Christed Being'.


My guest, Super Soldier Rainetta Jones is the first person I have ever met who is visiting (along with another Super Soldier, James ) the mysterious underground Kingdom of ‘Living Gold’, referred to in historical & mythological literature as El Dorado, AND returned safely - accessing ‘the Fountain of Youth’ that has many Amazing Regenerative Abilities. You will be a traveler with us as she shares her detailed adventures & discoveries.


Rainetta was born in Trinidad and moved to the United States to attend Martin Luther King High School in Manhattan, New York; where startling things occurred. As a young adult, she attended the University of Buffalo where she was studying for a degree in molecular biology. She also is the inventor of two very well-known tech devices, receiving no credit. She served as a certified administrative professional at the U.N. and other government agencies in New York City.


Rainetta has multiple contacts with off-world and on-world beings as well as inside Earth. She became a Diplomatic Representative for King Oban of the ancient Kemet (Egyptian) civilization located under Trinidad called ‘El Dorado’.

Ep 24 - 1st TIME DETAILS of the FALL of ANGELS & HEAVEN and Hangin’ Out with Celestial Deities ~ Super Soldier Apollymi

Part 5


Welcome back to Cosmic Brilliance for Part 5 of our copyrighted mini-series with Dragon/Elf Super Soldier Apollymi Mandylion.

For the 1st Time Apollymi will reveal True Details about Heaven, Archangels, Yahweh, & Famous Deities. This show was designed as a fun "Celestial Deity Reality Show"!

Learn what historically happened with Yahweh, the Fall of Angels & the Fall of Heaven. Apollymi was there and will share her "In-Person" stories of training and Hangin' out with 31 historically renowned Deities.

This show would be best to watch on YouTube as we've done our absolute best to obtain pictures that look like each Deity or Archangel as she saw them. She also shares some insider scoop regarding their personalities, quirks & passions.  Enjoy! 


& MORE - Part 4

Welcome back to Cosmic Brilliance! I am so happy you enjoy our copyrighted miniseries with special guest Dragon/Elf Super Soldier Apollymi Mandylion.

Please note this interview is better seen on YouTube due to the shared materials and portions of silence.

Here’s a super quick recap for 1st timers: Apollymi originally came from Prime Source Creator’s 1st Universe of ‘Law of One’ called Hanova, to our Free-Will Experimental Universe on Earth. Her duties and abilities are multifold, to say the least, and she must wear a holographic smart-suit as long as she is on earth for various reasons. That being said, because of her ability to be fair and impartial, she works for the Starseed Council, Section 13, and others. She has already done at least two 20s & back.

This is the way to learn true history! You will learn who created the 1st Era of Atlantis on Earth, their special tech, culture, healing techniques, AND the cause of the destruction at the end - from someone who was actually there both times and had the utmost responsibilities.

Apollymi was knighted as a champion of LIGHT from one of the Immortal 7 to Protect Atlantis. She also has the heart-wrenching & challenging job of evaluating and Wiping Out Experimental Planets & Universes that have failed so they don’t become a virus — due to her vast & what is considered ‘magical’ abilities.

She shares her memory of being Apollo with twin sister Artemis and also being the Celtic Goddess, St. Brigid, who is celebrated on Feb 1st, known as Imbolg; the same day this show synchronistically was published. It is amazing as you put all the aspects of her past/parallel lives together and see the bleed-thrus of the same skills, tendencies, and her drive as a champion for what LIGHT truly means.


edit me. It's easy.

Ep 22 - NEW LEARNING OPTIONS for Young People ages 4-22: ARAMIS Creative Learning Centers – created by Sherri Divband


Welcome to this very important PRAGMATIC Cosmic Brilliance show - geared for most parents, grandparents, godparents, aunts, uncles, & young people from 4 - 22 years. This show offers a PROGRESSIVE PARADIGM SHIFT in education and is COMPREHENSIVE. I made sure to ask EVERY question that YOU, as Stewards of your children, would want the answers to - from philosophy, accessibility, & enthusiastic teachers to inexpensive classes and preparation for successful lives.


“The ruling class has the schools and press under its thumb. This enables it to sway the emotions of the masses.” ~ Albert Einstein


A poll of 1000 children said this is the school they want and helped design the classes. This is for all young adults and, if you also have children labeled Indigos, Crystals, or Rainbow (multi-dimensional beings) or others that are ‘Uniquely Wired” labeled Aspergers, Autism, & ADHD-THIS SCHOOL IS FOR YOU!


Due to its wide & diversified range of online classes and its focus on practicing greater Emotional Quotient (EQ) skills, not just IQ -- ARAMIS Centers keep students engaged, creative & inspired - preparing them more fully for all of life. With no homework & no grades, they still can get into the college of their choice. That means less anxiety, stress, bullying, depression, and isolation….not to mention lots more fun, which is after all - our soul’s mastery purpose for this life!


The new children incarnating these last several decades need you as guides on Earth, but most are here to teach and do their mission. They know and remember more, by being able to access a higher % of their soul & brain vs. the standard 2-4% of humanity. Online now & 1st tangible location in 2023 for hands-on apprenticing...SHARE WITH EVERYONE!



David Lotherington, Super Soldier & Master Teacher, clarifies 80 questions in this show - what a treat! (see bullets below). He is 25 % integrated with his Higher Self/Oversoul ‘Kal’ who joins in for the second half of the show to give us more need-to-know answers beyond our limited Earth Matrix viewpoint.


David was both courageous & kind enough to send me very rare screenshots of his beginning stage of shapeshifting into his Lupine/Wolf self. He answers very important topics to understand for your liberation, such as Afterlife guidance & specifics, the ONE GOAL of your Earth Life, What Action creates the Most Negative Karma, What Action creates the Most Positive Karma, What Being More Enlightened means, and the Pragmatic usefulness of being Human with more ET DNA.


He also explains the exact size of the Matrix affecting Earth and Where a Soul Trap still exists. He explains the FORCE that makes up your gold/silver cord that attaches your physical body to your Astral body and the Holographic Design of this Earth Experimental Game of Limitation. I had a lot of fun, and David even suggested I leave in a funny personal blooper. Enjoy!

EP 20 - 4 BODIES of HUMANS: OVERSOUL>HIGHER SELF>ASTRAL> PHYSICAL BODY ~ Is Our Creator Perfect? & much more! By Super Soldier Apollymi Mandylion-Part 3

Apollymi Mandylion, a Dragon/Elf/Pleiadian Super Soldier, is back to share in Part 3 of our copyrighted mini-series, a multitude of significant facts that include little-known information re: the Operation Manual to Understand Your Soul's Journey from Prime Creator Source - down through 4 Bodies (or Stages) to your present Physical Body. (BTW - I highly suggest you stop the video at the '4 BODIES OF HUMANS' chart, screen shoot it, & print out to read at leisure. It is a summation of the design of each ‘Body’s' capacity on 1 page.)


Please listen to previous parts so you won’t be ‘lost’. I aim to provide actionable data and real people who have ‘boots on the ground” and “wings in the skies.” In Apollymi’s case, her wings are literal.


On Cosmic Brilliance, you are not just exploring the limited perspective of an ant-view from ‘bottom up’ - but rather from the ‘top down’ – Source Creator Itself, Creator Councils and How that impacts you. That’s where original creational ideas & ‘experiments’ like our Universe start – geared towards Evolutionary Soul Growth. Our current challenging goal is focused on ‘Ascension' and sovereignty.


Apollymi has been in several different Secret Space programs, such as Project Stargate, training with Inner Earth Beings, and meeting many diverse types of ETs. Early on, she assisted the military in Project Bluebook to understand various advanced ET technologies. Not only is she a member of specialized Section 13 32-C. She is also an important Ambassador for the Star Seed Council as a key Evaluator of whether or not this 'Grand Earth Experiment’ we're living on Earth will be considered ‘a failed except.’ i.e. ‘wiped out’. She's still active and we are very fortunate that she has gifted us with her vast & hard-earned knowledge.

Ep19 - SOURCE UNIVERSE vs. EARTH EXPT •EXACT WORDS for SAFE AFTERLIFE & MORE, by Super Soldier Apollymi-Part 2

Apollymi Mandylion, A Dragon/Elf Super Soldier, came here from Source Creator’s 1st Universe. Apollymi and I are doing this copyrighted mini-series, and book on rarely-if-ever revealed information about Source Creator’s 1st Universe that’s NOT ‘Free Will" and Our 'Free-Will’ Experimental Universe called “The Grand Experiment”.

In 43 years of research, I have never found anyone that was from Source’s 1st Universe and could explain so many details in providing a unique perspective about our journey as Galactic Beings reincarnating on Earth. Be prepared for an unusual rendering of what we on earth are facing now - why, and what is in our near future.

. • Bullet Pts below delineate multiple topics Ileana speaks about. I recommend you watch these shows in order.

Bullet Points

• What is the 'Earth Grand Experiment'?

• Why was it set up by the Creator Council, & not Higher Galactic Councils?

• What is the ‘Matrix’? • What is the ‘Veil’ (of Forgetfulness) &, Why was it installed?

• What were the original benevolent purposes & Intentions for Earth’s Expt.?

• What qualifies earth as a Seed Planet & Why are Seed Planets unique?

• What are the Four ‘Bodies” you contain as earth humans?

• What energetic ‘body’ of you actually holds your memory?

• What is “Ascension”& Why is it the goal for “Seed Planets”?

• Choice of Ascending vs. Staying in 3rd D

• Do higher densities/dimensions still have polarity ie: Good/bad?

• Creator’s hopeful Goal(s) of this ‘Grand Experiment’ & What got hijacked?

• Can Creator Councils run ANY Expt? # of members in the Creator Councils?

• Are all ‘Seed Planets’=‘Prison Planets’?

• Does every planet have a soul like ours, Gaia?

• What are “Wipes” and why are they done?

• Are we still in collective Diaspora or Individual Diaspora? What % o are ‘awake’?

• What is #1 lesson for humans to learn to Ascend?

• Is our planet, Gaia’s consciousness at 5th Density yet?

Apollymi is a unique hybrid Super Soldier who chose a challenging mission to come to this Universe in her Celestial form - a Dragon-Elf Hybrid body. She's been in secret government projects since she was 5 years old. Those government projects both on and off-world are called Secret Space Programs (SSPs) and go by names like Project Stargate & others. She's had multiple Galactic species encounters and literally travels between 2 universes & parallel realities.

Being Dragon & Elf, plus 3 more species - she has astonishing ’Super Powers’. You'll discover the essence of Source Creator’s 1st Universe based on the 'Law of One’ - that is NOT a 'Free Will' Universe. You also will be introduced to ‘The 'Immortal 7’ & tiers of Creators under them like Yahwey/Jehovah & Tiamat. Perhaps most important & timely to focus upon is the End Game time frame referred to as the '5th Era of MAN’. Learn about the 2 evaluations by the Councils being given us on earth, the Ascension/Diaspora goal, the % of people ‘awake’, and how much time we have left before ’The Wipe’.


for the 1ST TIME!

By Dragon/Elf Super Soldier,

Apollymi Mandylion - Part 1

Apollymi Mandylion came here from Source Creator’s 1st Universe. Apollymi and I are doing this copyrighted mini-series and book, on rarely-if-ever revealed information about Source Creator’s 1st Universe that is NOT ‘Free Will’ and Our 'Free-Will’ Experimental Universe called "The Grand Experiment”. In 43 years of research, I have never found anyone that remembered being from Source Creator’s 1st Universe and could explain so many details providing this UNIQUE perspective about our journey as Galactic Beings reincarnating on Earth. May this assist us to prioritize the importance of developing our consciousness - for what Apollymi refers to as the "Ascension" and the "2nd Evaluation".


This 6-part series with Apollymi will cover many details on Source Creator & the original plans for "Earth's Grand Experiment" by the creator councils, and by many who in different cultures throughout history were referred to as 'gods.' You will be introduced to a few and be surprised to know ... See Bullet Show Topics below:I highly recommend to do this series in order to not get confused. Apollymi is a most courageous soul; a unique hybrid Super Soldier who chose a challenging mission to come to this Universe in her Celestial form - a Dragon-Elf Hybrid body. She has been in secret government projects since she was 5 years old. Those government projects both on and off-world are called Secret Space Programs (SSPs) and go by names like Project Stargate & others. She has had multiple Extraterrestrial & Galactic species encounters and literally travels between 2 universes and parallel realities. (Being Dragon & Elf, plus 3 more species allows for her formidable 'Super Powers').

Ep17 - Know Your Soul-Desired Life Path by Accessing Your Soul’s Records ~ Plus a 5- Minute Body Energy Balancing,

with Lisa Barnett - Part 2

Welcome to a light-hearted interactive style Q & A show with delightful Lisa Barnett. Lisa answers solutions that the Akashic Record Keepers provide to current everyday concerns and challenges. At the end, Lisa guides you through a quick self-balancing Male/Female energy & body exercise that is applicable to everyone. It only takes 5 minutes. (smile)


Akashic Record Reading is a very important self-empowering tool to receive Clarity about your Soul’s Purpose & Abilities that you brought with you into this present life. This knowledge is comforting and allows deeper understanding for putting the pieces together of what and why different situations have happened in your present life.


Hopefully, you have already listened to Part 1 with Lisa which also provided for you a free 10-minute guided journey to release old outworn vows and past life contracts that you still carry in this life but most likely are not conscious of….VERY IMPORTANT!


Lisa is an Int’l Bestselling Author of "The Infinite Wisdom of the Akashic Records" and “From Questioning to Knowing – 73 Prayers to Transform Your Life." She has a new book coming out this month titled, “Your Soul Has a Plan ~ Awaken to Your Life Purpose.”

Please help Support the educational productions of these Podcasts. 
Thank You!
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Ep14 History of Original Noble Dragons

- A Journey Home -

Performed by Adam Apollo, Guardian Alliance

Sirian Galactic Ambassador Adam Apollo accessed his Akashic Records from previous lives and is fully activated as an Earth Guardian that is in contact with Extradimensionals and teaches many subjects including “The Unification of Science & Spirituality through Unified Field Theoretics”.

We have identical passions particularly centered around the importance of educating the people of Earth about the truth of who they are and their Galactic History. He speaks of “The Quantum Gravitational Lattice & Unified Harmonic Matrix” that no one talks about, sacred geometry, starships, Replicators and energy systems, Ancient Wisdom and History, and the bridging of science & consciousness.

So, obviously, I resonated deeply with him and his work.

Unfortunately, he is so busy that he has no time for interviews but gave me permission to share this fun 30-minute dynamic performance he did like the Irish Bards of old - the telling of the Original Noble Dragons and their history.

If you are a member of, it is well worth watching his Galactic Ambassador Interviews, Part 1 & 2. He is extremely eloquent.

So enjoy this gift. Let me know if any of you resonated with this. (I cried…)

Ep13 Access Akashic Records to

Understand Your Soul's Purpose

~10-min Guided Release~ Lisa Barnett Part 1

Accessing your Soul's Records since the time of Creation is one the most important self-empowerment tools on this planet and literally allows you to Reclaim your Soul’s Divine Birthright! This show, Part 1 with ebullient and dynamic guest, Lisa Barnett - is geared to people both new and experienced with this topic and for all family members and ages.

Ep 12 Most Prized Tech for Fast Ocean Cleanup! Uncloak Mars/Moon Base & more!

Ileana Star Traveler, Part 2


Part 2 reveals for the 1st time in a public show Environmental & Health Solutions we have been waiting for.  Technology such as the Antarctica rare type of water mineral that cleans all the ocean’s toxins in 3 months, as well as performs surgeries when placed on a wand-like device, heals medical ailments, and alters the human psyche and brain waves! Rare water mineral is used to create biological drug serums for Life-Extension in Antarctica!


Also - the MOST PRIZED Ruby Refractory Telescopes within the Egyptian/Atlantean Hall of Records (Universal Libraries) allows for the uncloaking of the Hidden Bases on the Moon and Mars - for all to see.

Learn about how trash can be taken back to zero source point and disappears. How Pleiadians & Andromedans use Time Displacement to Terraform nature, trees, flowers grass almost instantly in their bio-domes. Crystalline Healing is the new form of Regenerative medicine! Learn about Ileana’s experience with the Peruvian Golden Sun Disc that staves off Earth.

Ep11 GROUNDBREAKING DETAILS! Advanced Tech: Hall of Records, Pyramids, Space Arks 

& more by Ileana Star Traveler-Pt.1

 Grab your kids & friends to watch your Human History come alive!  You have never been taught this in school!

Today for Part 1, my experienced guest, Ileana Star Traveler, will reveal EXACT GROUND-BREAKING DETAILS on the ADVANCED TECH found underneath the Pyramids and the close by ancient  HALLS OF RECORDS  and Underground Tunnels scattered around the world.  Ileana is literally a 'Cosmic Brilliant Traveling Universal Encyclopedia!’                                                                                  

Ileana is literally a 'Cosmic Brilliant Traveling Universal Encyclopedia!’


You will hear for the first time the Exact Details:

  • How the Giza 3 Pyramids were built

  • Who built & Designed the Pyramids,

  • What specific Tech was used

  • How the different tech worked, the specific functions of the Pyramids

  • What & How Crystal Discs are used

  • …and much more.

Ep10 Super Soldiers & Super StarSeeds Compare Experiences with Jean-Charles Moyen, Randy Cramer & Elena Danaan

This show's PURPOSE is for Captain Jean-Charles of SSP to have a one-time opportunity to share his experiences with Captain Randy Cramer and have Randy respond in like manner.

*Jean-Charles Moyen, is a Captain in the French Secret Space Program and a 'Super Starseed’ who, for 20 years worked with multiple species in the Galactic Federation and on the Solar Warden fleet; protecting the galaxy from invaders. He has traveled through the galaxy using Time Travel & Teleportation. Today you’ll be surprised to find out Who he really is! Super Soldier Capt.

*Randy Cramer, U.S. Marine Corps, special sections, did a 30-year tour of duty and is still active. 17 years were with Mars Defense Force (MDF) & 13 years with Earth Defense Force (EDF); protecting earth & our solar system.

*Elena Danaan is here to assist and share a bit; also a 'Super Starseed’, best-selling author, archeologist, & official Emissary for the Galactic Federation of Worlds that serves as a military protective balancing force in our galaxy and has many abilities as well.


Learn age regression “30 & Back” Programs & Randy’s 'Earth Age' = surprising! Jean-Charles talks about his amazing experiences starting at 4 years old & training at 13 years old as commando and explains how consciousness/soul transfer occurs from his 4 yr. old body to adult ET body & PICS! Learn How and When suppression of memories is done? J-C is a NATURAL TELEPORTER & more! J-C’s mission to rescue human slaves on Mars - was ‘mortally’ hurt & healed on a MED BED. Learn 2 more abilities of Med beds …

Randy shares his experience surrounded by Reps & he goes through ‘Bezerker'.


Elena clarifies 3 Q’s regarding human DNA capabilities & % Elena shares an example of J-C's Ultimien ET Soul & clarifies he can change his molecular structure! J-C points out to Elena-she does have natural teleportation ability! Both share SCARIEST moments & ENLIGHTENING moments & Last Uplifting and Empowering Messages for an audience including Elena gives her Latest “Timeframe” for Liberation!

Ep9 You as Starseed or Earthling?

Your Voluntary Selection Process -

Meet Activators of ‘Space Arks’ &

‘Hall of Records’


This show is one of my top favorites - so far! We really drill down into all the detailed specifics that have not been asked or answered before. I asked Elena to take us all through - from the very beginning - when the call went out to All Us Souls — asking for volunteers to incarnate on earth and who would have to pass strict tests beforehand -- because Terra/Earth and the galaxy needed to be liberated! You learn Why, Who, Where, How & When this journey you are on started - right now! You will also learn the 2 ways of incarnating: What SPECIFIC GROUP was in charge to help & HOW- incarnation to Earth/Terra happens, honoring free will. You will learn the two kinds of hybrids. You will learn the natural way of a soul and the forced way. You will learn what needs to happen to have MED BEDS here. You will also learn what Human Activators are & who they are - We name names! You will discover how YOU, if you are not a Starseed but rather an Earthling/Terran Human, are designed with DNA and have incredible power……and much more! Your future is Bright!

Ep8 Hidden History of Our Hijacked Planet-Controlled Ignorance to Healing with Dan Willis - Part 2


Dan Willis, with Top Secret Crypto 14 level & Extra Sensitive Material Handling Security clearances, continues sharing his passions and brilliance covering multiple topics that are listed under YouTube Description.

EP7 Hidden History of Our Hijacked Planet & Reality Perception - Controlled Ignorance to Liberation

with Dan Willis - Part 1

This show is a gift! It has been carefully designed with quick-history cliff notes, graphics and verifiable documentation for Your Children and People of ALL ages - so please SHARE far and wide! Guaranteed you have NOT learned this in school or from T.V.

Dan Willis, an ex-ABC Newsman and US Navy Witness with Top Secret Crypto Level 14 with Extra Sensitive Material handling security clearance, testifies to how the media and other power-brokers withheld truth disclosure of monumental importance from you, to keep you ignorant politically, scientifically, health-wise and more. Dan is one of the Top Secret Military Witnesses who testified in 2001 at the National Press Club in Washington DC, in front of major mainstream media. The hidden facts shared during this historical event were backed by 500 credible Military and Intelligence witness testimonials.

This chronological "quick-class” provides for you the evidence to put the “Big Picture" pieces together in a clear-seeing & clear-thinking manner. Breaking denial and ignorance allows us to be more aware, more fearless, and more discerning; recognizing the repetitive rhetoric and manipulations used to keep the citizenry dumbed down. In other words; with new-found discernment, you can no longer be programmed, bought off, manipulated, cajoled, or bullied. You now have the true factual history, not the false and outdated history taught to you in schools and universities. To be truly free requires you to know the truth of who you are and the truth of your history.

Ep6 Intel on Med Beds & Fake vs. Real

'ET-invasion Scenario'

with Captain Randy Cramer


This video is an interactive organic back-and-forth interview with Captain Randy Cramer, US Marine Corps, ss, Augmented Super Soldier. Captain Randy Cramer returns - Super Soldier for U.S. Marine Corps, special sections (ss). He did a 30-year tour of duty and is still active. Seventeen years were with the Mars Defense Force (MDF) on forward-station Zebra Base. Thirteen years were with the Earth Defense Force (EDF) and fleet; protecting Earth and the solar system. In this interview, Randy will discuss the latest intel he has received from his superiors on the 4 stages that need to occur before the 5th stage - when the Med Bed and other advanced tech rolls outs. He spells out the details of what may occur and how to keep yourself safe IF this happens.  

*Note from Merrily: I do NOT see this happening, or necessary on our timeline at all. Randy has a lot of knowledge, and ... also follows what his "superiors" tell him. Use your own inner discernment and don't be fearful. I had many questions from subscribers regarding the "fake or real alien invasion" and this interview was done in response to that - presenting one viewpoint. Go inside and you'll know for yourself.

Ep5 Keep Your Innocence & Drop Your Naiveté to Protect Your Children

with Tony Rodrigues, Part 2


Merrily Milmoe interviews Tony Rodrigues, a 20-year Experiencer in Secret Space Program’s Intergalactic Slave Trade and Human Trafficking. This is Part 2 continues with Tony talking about some of the more dramatic incidents that he had to go through (without all the horrendous details.) Tony shares his vast and varied experiences starting with being kidnapped at 9 years old to become a slave. He was taken aboard a secret spacecraft that took him off-world to Ceres, Mars, and Moon colonies that were built and run by corporations in business and trade agreements with some service-to-self ETs. He also was taken to several drug trafficking locations on Earth/Terra like Peru. It is our duty to become more aware and understand what has been going on to humans for thousands of years on Earth/Terra. It is only by becoming more knowledgeable, that we gain greater discernment to see through and avoid the sneaky pitfalls that have happened to thousands of people and children, without their families even knowing. It really helps to also know how advanced the secret space program tech & ET abilities are so you can also discern better.

Ep4 Keep Your Innocence & Drop Your Naiveté to Protect Your Children

with Tony Rodrigues, Part 1


Merrily Milmoe interviews Tony Rodrigues in this first of a two-part series. Tony is a 20-year Experiencer in the Secret Space Program’s Intergalactic Slave Trade and Human Trafficking. Tony shares his vast and varied experiences; kidnapped at 9 years old to become a slave. He was taken aboard a Secret Spacecraft that took him to off-world to Ceres, Mars, and Moon colonies that were built and run by corporations in business and trade agreements with some service-to-self ETs. It is our duty to become more aware and understand what has been going on to humans for thousands of years on Earth(Terra). It is only by becoming more knowledgeable, that we gain greater discernment to see through and avoid the sneaky pitfalls that have happened to thousands of people and children, without their families even knowing. It is important to also know about the advanced tech and abilities that space programs and ETs have so we can once again become aware and more discerning.

Ep3 Participate in a Multi-Media Galactic Meeting that Determined the Survival

of the Humanity on Earth!


This show is a collaborative creation from Elena and Merrily appropriate for the whole family, produced in a "multi-media” fashion - to learn about one of the most important historical Galactic Federation of Worlds High Council meetings, where members were determining and voting whether or not to let Humans on Terra (Earth) destroy themselves within several decades or whether they would assist us. I thought it would be fun and different to do it in this way rather than in a straight interview. Elena's book, "Resilience" is full of historical treasures and stellar romance. PLEASE SHARE with friends and family - CREATED for ALL AGES! Hint: Make your screen as big as you can to watch and turn up the music when it comes on, so you can feel more immersed in it.

Ep2 Accessing Abilities:

Guided Journey & Galactic Support

with Leslie Anne  & Elena Danaan

Leslie Anne guides you through a simple 3-step "quick starter" process to Access Your Awakening Abilities & Contact Your ‘Higher Self’. She teaches how to ask your Higher Self specific questions in a particular way & gives exact instructions to communicate with your ‘Higher Self’ instantly.

What does Awakening mean? etc…

Elena Danaan clarifies the truth & confusion regarding the new 2022 ‘Photon Cloud’ we’re entering Now, how it effects our DNA, & how it changes our mental, emotional & spiritual levels. She clarifies terms such as Light years, Photon, Photon Belt/Band, Golden Nebula pockets like this for Higher Consciousness.

  • Did we fall from 5th Density to 3rd Density originally & now working our way back to 5th?

  • Will there be two Earths? 

  • Difference between 'Journey of the Soul' & 'Journey of the Body' (bloodlines) and much more...

Ep1 Proposed Regenerative Med Bed Roll-Outs with Alex Collier & Elena Danaan

Andromedan Emissary and Galactic Historian, Alex Collier & Galactic Federation of World’s Emissary, Elena Danaan

2022 Details and Roll Out plans for Regenerative Medical Beds & other advancements

  • Are we fixed on the Positive Timeline - for sure?

  • Two most important qualities for humanity to practice now?

  • "What Leadership Is"

  • Elena shares latest details from Pleiadian CDR Thor Han on Med Beds being built for us & details on how med beds work, and the ways they’re healing the rescued trafficked children and military vets on Med Beds.

  • Elena’s detailed personal experience of having her tumor healed on a Medical Bed in France within one hour!

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