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    Such an immense joy to meet you during our session. Thank you for reminding me of the vast Being           

am and why I'm here. ~ Forever grateful! ~ Annabel, 2023


Cosmic Brilliance Advisor

Enjoy a 1-on-1 session! 

Please note that I do not refer to myself

as a 'psychic reader'. I consider myself intuitive with a wealth of knowledge.

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Healing Arts Studio

Personalized Modalities

Combining 20 bodywork techniques, 

Sound healing, Vogel crystal healing,

Aromatherapy & much more ...


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My one-on-one intuitive session with Merrily was fun, helpful and uplifting! I felt incredibly seen, supported and cared about. Her energy is vibrant and healing just to be around. I’d been struggling with feeling very serious and overwhelmed by my own awakening process, and talking through my questions and concerns with her lightened me right up. I have felt more uplifted and light-hearted ever since our session together. I definitely recommend connecting with her if you haven’t already.

- A. Coats, Nevada City, CA 10/2023

 My husband and I both wish to thank you for our FABULOUS back-to-back sessions today.  You are so generous and such an insightful person and I will continue to channel intention and attention toward my shoulder today as you taught.  I feel wonderful through and through and Steve wants you to know that he came home both “enlightened” and very relaxed. You are amazing.

~ Keep up your incredible work at Bodywhispering. 

Deb B, CA, May/2023

Dear Merrily,  Thank you from my heart for this really magical and uplifting 2 hr Intuitive Consulting session with you.  I am wishing you all joy and happiness, and I feel so happy for the first time in a long time. I shall fly peacefully into the night after my candle-focus meditation.  You are the first person whom I have ever been able to talk with openly and who totally ‘gets me’ on all levels. Thank you for the important things you shared.

~ Much love and gratitude for your wonderful being.

Ma'Aya B, Germany Jan/2023

Merrily, You would make the most ‘awesome' marriage counselor. I followed your advice. I went home and talked with my husband: I listened well, pushed my ego down, and found some common ground with him. You really helped me to understand both him better and the male psyche. Since then, it has been pleasant in our house.  There’s still more to discuss with each other.

You’re the best!!! 

~ Warmly, C.P., R.N. CA

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